Edellinen Luomun myynti huimassa kasvussa: +14 % vuonna 2016
Seuraava Luomu kannattaa paremmin kuin tavanomainen maatalous

Organic sales continue to boom in Finland – increase by 14% in 2016


2016 shows accelerating growth in demand for organic products in Finland. In grocery shops, the sales of organic foodstuffs rose 14 percent. Growth was clearly stronger than during 2015 and the previous years. It surpassed one percent growth of retailing grocery shops as well.

According to estimates by the Finnish Organic Food Association Pro Luomu, organic goods were sold for 273 euro in the year 2016. In the food sales, the market share of organics is now 2 percent. The estimation is based on data, which were collected from the retail shop groups.

Executive director Marja-Riitta Kottila of Pro Luomu is pleased to see that there is such a strong growth in organics. Kottila points out that organics have turned into an everyday choice and become part of basic foods.

”Organics include several consumer trends, such as wellbeing, naturalness and responsibility. The better the supply, the more Finns choose organics and more often,” Kottila analyses.

New products boost organic sales

Launches of new, interesting products, especially in product groups where organic alternatives have been scarcely available, have strengthened growth.

”Organics are in a positive circle. Strong growth encourages food companies to develop new organic products, which again create growth in the organic market. The shop groups, as well, consider future positive and expect the sales of organics continue to grow,” Kottila says.

Organic coffee and baby food the strongest risers

Organics showed strong growth in sales in nearly all product groups. The strongest risers were hot drinks product group (coffee, tea and cocoa) and baby food sales: both groups grew a whopping 50%.

”The growing selection has increased the sales of organic coffee. The selection of organic baby foods is also remarkable. Growth in this product group shows a common motivation in organic consumption: parents want their children to have the purest and safest food,” Kottila says.

Furthermore, the sales of organic cheese, flakes, groats and eggs grew considerably last year. Several trendy products, such as organic coconut oil and superfoods were also successful. Only one product group, organic brewery beverages, showed a slight decrease of sales.

Fruits, vegetables and milk the bestselling organics

The bestselling group of organic products remained the same as in the previous year: fruits and vegetables cover almost one-fifth of organic sales. Banana remains the bestseller, its demand grew considerably last year.

The second biggest seller is milk and consumers’ long-time favourite, eggs, hold the third place.

However, right behind eggs in the organic race is a new product group with strong growth in sales: hot drinks, boosted with organic coffee sales, rose at the fourth place last year. Organic spice products also sell well, especially vegetable oils, broths and spices.

More information: Marja-Riitta Kottila, Finnish Organic Food Association Pro Luomu, marja-riitta.kottila(at)proluomu.fi, tel. +358 40 581 9252

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