European Organic Food Innovation Award

European Organic Food Innovation Award is a pitching competition for innovative organic products or services. 




Celebration of innovations and excellence of the organic industry!

The final of the first-ever European Organic Food Innovation Award was held in the fall of 2019 and the winner was Gobbas Gård & Härmän Rati.

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The finalist companies 2019

Arla Oy, service innovation
Gobbas Gård & Härmän Rati,
product innovation
Goodio / Helsinki Heaven Oy,
product innovation
Heikkilän Juustola,
product innovation
Helsinki Mills LTD,
product innovation
Jokilaakson Juusto Oy,
product innovation
Maria of Lapland Ltd,
process innovation
Spices Chef Ltd & Promotto Spices
, product innovation
Suomisen Maito Oy,
product innovation
Valio Oy,
product innovation

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Instructions in a nutshell

  • The competition is available to companies with product, service, technology or process contributing to food products with EU organic certification.
  • The participating company must be incorporated within EEC (European Economic Area).
  • Prepare max. 3 minute video that best describes your organic food innovation by the judging criteria and is viewable online from a public video streaming service (YouTube, Vimeo etc).
  • Fill the electronic application, which is opened in summer 2020.
  • The finalists will be announced in September 2020.
  • The final will be held on 5th of October 2020 at Organic Food Day event.
  • Finalists will give a 3 minute public pitch and 4 minute Q&A to the judges and the audience.
  • The winner and the prizes will be announced after the final on 5th of October 2020 at Organic Food Day event.
  • The grand-prize for the winner is announced in Spring 2020.

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